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New JoomSport is Going to Meet Your Expectations

Soon, our whole team will celebrate a new global update of our flagship product JoomSport.

The updated product was inspired by our customers and created for them entirely. We’ve made a lot in order to meet most of your voiced needs and allow you to enjoy the new look and feel of the extension. 

This update, intended for both JoomSport admins and fans, drastically rebuilds the product’s back end and front end. And today we are going to unveil the main features that are going to make JoomSport greatly a new extension.

Latest JoomSport Features

Bootstrap Based Layout

Most importantly, the updated extension has a new advanced tech stack with Bootstrap 3 as the central element. It delivers consistent look for many standard web items, makes the layout of the product fully-responsive and provides you with great user experience on all mobile devices.

New JoomSport

Responsive Add-on is included 

As far as the front end of the extension is based on Bootstrap that doesn’t require developing a stand-alone product for mobile devices, we’ve included Responsive Add-on into the package by default and for free.

Back end Usability

The update improves almost all the sides of our product since the front end and back end improvements go together just hand in hand.

Among other things, the new backed includes a streamlined navigation, convenient and clear configuration, and user-friendly design. The new logical organization of options and their improved appearance flat-out saves your time and efforts.

JoomSport back end menu

Easy Learning Process

While creating the new back end design and new level of usability we considered the entire process of the extension configuration both as a daily routine and learning. Every-day routines are just about experience, while learning requires passion. So, our idea was to make our back end more usable and involving simultaneously.

As a result, now even beginning users will quickly embrace the logic of particular operations and the overall workflow of the JoomSport extension. The whole back end contains numerous notifications, information links, and explanations. The provided documentation contains step-by-step guides linking to even more detailed tutorials, if necessary.


Eloquent Layout of Match Pages

The updated layout of Match pages is currently built on attractive visual elements, more readable and clear. Match statistics are assembled into catchy two-side achievement bars allowing visitors to compare team results at a glance. Personal progress of players is displayed in neat tables and visualized with dedicated event icons. In fact, the whole page has a completely new design and now looks appealing and informative.

JoomSport Matches

Switchable Layout Options

This feature allows you to create really individual and fully functional layouts with only desired and necessary blocks. Now you can enable/disable options on main, calendar, session standings and match pages or change image, players, team and social media settings. The functionality is located under Components -> JoomSport -> Configuration -> Layouts tab

Brand New Overview Tab on Team Pages

This new tab provides visitors with detailed and varied information on current team standings in the league, its upcoming matches, and other valuable information. The tables are naturally inscribed in the overall design and present favorite teams in the best possible way.

Getting Rid of Unused Functionality

Not only does include new features the latest update also revises some our strategies related to the general functionality construction. We are getting rid of some complicated and resource-consuming features that are not used actually. For example, this update comes without Racing Tournament as a part of the overall product enhancement. But, in the case, if such functionality again revives its popularity, we’ll provide it as a separate product.

Other Features

Beside the features above the new update also includes:

Other News

Price Adjustments

In many ways, the latest update presents you a new product, and this new quality will also be reflected in the new price. Alongside the rise of prices our new pricing policy will become more flexible and provide you with some new deals and promotions aiming to establish a competitive pricing strategy in our store. And, we will start from pre-sales; so stay connected and do not miss the discounts. Updates

The updated product also made us to think about a new design for our web store and soon its refurbishment will be completed. And, as soon as new goes life we’ll appreciate your reviews both on the new extension and new store.


You will certainly like the demo of our updated JoomSport, as far as it is the same powerful functionality enhanced with great usability and design. Now, the functionality management and configuration are just clear with multiple valuable and in-time descriptions left throughout the whole workflow. 

So, we hope that the updated product will help you to create new and better sport web sites easily and gladly. The new BETA release will be available shortly in members area on updated


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Friday, 21 June 2024