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Massive Joomla sport templates update

BearDev team is glad to announce release of renovated Kodiak template. 

Kodiak Joomla sport template has quite a long history beginning from 2012. Unfortunately it had been being our secondary product for the longest time and we hadn't been able to pay enough attention to it so the design and features became pretty much outdated. Previously Kodiak template was not responsive and the worst fact that it was not adjusted to JoomSport perfectly. So about half a year ago we realized it would be great if we can renew it to meet the latest design and tech trends. The team accepted this challenge.

During last few months our development team put in great efforts and now we are glad to share with you the results of our work:

  • The new Kodiak template is totally mobile friendly, has responsive front end structure, it has passed cross-browsers and cross-devices testing so we are sure that it performs correctly
  • Back End usability has been adjusted with new features: ability to assign logo, slogan, copyright, specify color combination
  • Implemented original Sign in/Sign up buttons
  • Implemented new high demand positions such as Slider, Breadcrumbs etc.
  • Adapted Joomla Registration page and News feed page, so such pages will blend seamlessly into whole website design.
  • Menu performance has been restructured and improved 
  • New Footer design with separate blocks has been implemented

One of the most significant modification is that Kodiak template has 7 different Backgrounds that allows using it for totally different kind of sports. So now we are glad to offer the following variations with 7 different color combinations:

Kodiak Outdoor - Soccer or Football Sport Joomla template
Kodiak Hockey - Ice Hockey Joomla Sport template
Kodiak Indoor - Volleyball or Futsal Joomla Sport template
Kodiak Tennis - Tennis Joomla template
Kodiak Water - Water polo or Swimming Joomla Sports template
Kodiak Snooker - Pool, Billiard or Snooker Joomla Sports template
Kodiak Poker - Casino or poker Joomla template

And finally probably the most challenging goal was to adapt Kodiak to JoomSport component - the modules have huge number of data display variations and we put significant efforts to show the sport data on every template position for every module correctly. So finally each item has been elaborated and adjusted accurately. The new Kodiak template is now 100% compatible with JoomSport component!

Feel free to check new Kodiak appearances on demo website. Get one of the variant on our WebShop and create modern Joomla Sport website enjoying Kodiak template tied together with JoomSport component.

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Thursday, 30 November 2023