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Challenge your WordPress site visitors using JoomSport Predictions plugin

Nowadays there is plenty of entertainments and it’s not so easy to attract new visitors to the website and what even more difficult is to keep visitors on it. The best way of entertaining is to challenge the visitors and as a good solution let us to introduce tool for WordPress based websites – new JoomSport plugin - Sports Predictions that has been just released and is already available at WordPress directory

The plugin allows creating prediction leagues and adding matches from JoomSport seasons. Once JoomSport matches are marked as played, users will gain their points depending on league settings and predictions submissions.


JoomSport Predictions plugin Features

  • Enable predictions option for chosen JoomSport leagues;
  • Set up point system for each league separately;
  • Allows any registered WordPress user to make predictions;
  • Display Users Leaderboard according to prediction results;
  • Individually stats for each user;
  • Provides simple and intuitive configuration.

Check how the features work on predictions plugin demo or read the documentation.


Enabling Prediction Process

WordPress sports Predictions plugin has user-friendly and logical settings that will become available as soon as add-on is installed and published.

The process starts with the Prediction leagues menu item Admin panel->JoomSport Predictions. Here it is possible to create Prediction league and to assign any JoomSport Season to it.

Note: Fixtures from assigned Season will be available for adding to predictions.

For created Prediction League there is ability to configure Points number that user receives for the following types of events (Exact guess; Winner side and points difference guess; Winner side guess)

As soon as Prediction Leagues are created new item Rounds need to be created and matches from seasons that were selected in prediction leagues are added.

Let’s consider the example how the system works.

League settings:

10pts - Exact guess

5 pts - Winner side and points difference guess

2 pts - Winner side guess

Match with team1 and team2 was played, score: team1 5-1 team2

Player A predicted 5-1 ->Player A receives 10 points

Player B predicted 6-1 ->Player B receives 5 points

Player C predicted 7-2 ->Player C receives 2 points

Player D predicted 2-1 ->Player D receives 0 points



As you might have guessed, the JoomSport Predictions plugin is surely exceptional plugin that improves your website and adds interactivity which is high in demand nowadays. Don’t miss a chance to allow your website users to compete with each other in their prediction talent!

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Friday, 22 September 2023