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JoomSport 3.0 for WordPress - Persons and other core improvements


We would like to present Persons section that was received with great enthusiasm in JoomSport Joomla version. Finally it became available in our WordPress Sport plugin. Now you can manage Referees, Coaches and all other staff with their own profile page including photo or any needed additional information. Ability to create Person type Extra field allows assigning Persons to required item for example to Team, to Match or even to Venue. Moreover once Person is added to Team it will appear on Team Roster page.

Date type of Extra field

From now on you can use flexible Date Extra field type for Teams, Players,Persons etc. It will allow you to fill dates easily and display age/ birthdays correctly.

SEO improvement

Great news for SEO adapting- now you can easily change slug for JoomSport posts in Permalinks settings. (Pro only)

Some other useful improvements include:
* Color legend
* Default season columns
* Date range filter for matches shortcode and widget
* Improved design of ranking colors
* Optional season hierarchy
* Display winner in knockout tree

Fixed bugs:

* Empty season when no played matches
* CSS styles adjustments
* Enable search for players and venues
* Display box score from deleted match
* Season container fixes
* Empty raw for players statistic in STD version
* Box score is not displayed if not grouped by extra field


Please update your version. If you have any ideas or suggestions how to improve JoomSport product please don't hesitate to share it on JoomSport feedback page and we will definitely consider it. Feel free to contact us if any questions appear.


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Friday, 21 June 2024